15 September 2012

Early Weekend Update: HOT!

I titled today's pic "Hot Overalls." Speaking of hot, it was 108 in my city today. I'm so ready for the heat to dissipate and for a nice arctic cold front to sweep in. Rain would be a refreshing change. It doesn't look as if there's any relief in sight, unfortunately.

Last night was the third of seven performances of Fiddler on the Roof that I blogged about earlier last week. Despite a pickup rehearsal, tonight's performance wasn't as polished as opening weekend, at least not in my opinion. Still we had an audience of over 200 so I can't complain much about that.

After the show, I met up with three ladies from the theater for drinks and munchies at a local restaurant chain. I had beer and sliders, which really hit the spot in my hungry tummy. There were four plus fries and string onions. Although I eat dinner before going to the theater, this show makes me hungry. It's probably psychological; I'm doing physical work and my body thinks it needs fuel. 

When I got home - after midnight - technically this morning - I decided to do a load of laundry. We're all urged to use major appliances after 6pm so the power grid doesn't go kaput. I thought this was a good idea - I get a much needed task accomplished AND I do it at a time when most people are asleep and not using power. It also gives me a jump on my chores for the weekend. We have a Saturday performance and a Sunday matinee so my time is limited. Naps are definitely required during the run of a show.

I'm looking forward to October; I plan to take some time off work. I haven't completely decided what I'll be doing but I'm considering flying up to SF to visit the Bear. BTW....they had a nice 64-degree day today. Or yesterday, rather. Sounds like a really nice change.

I won't see my folks this weekend; today they're on a senior citizen trip and tomorrow my mom planned something with my sister. She knows I have the matinee and she figures I'll need the time to relax and finish chores. She figured right. 

That's about all I have for now. As soon as the washer is done and I get the laundry in the dryer I'll be hitting the sheets. 

I hope everyone is well, staying cool, and able to find some relaxation this weekend.



Matthew Gregory said...

I'm looking forward to your next SF visit, behr.


Stan said...

Glad your not complaining about your back. I hope it's better. There's an autumnal feel in the air here on the East coast. Kind of a relief really from the heat of summer. The days are getting shorter. I look forward to hearing about your SF trip too.

Stan said...

BTW: love how Mr. Overalls is showing off his pits for us. Yum!

Rick said...

That's funny because I just found a pair of overalls while closet cleaning that are like new. Unfortunately, they are about 4 inches too small.
At any rate, that is one hot model. And speaking of hot 108???? You are kidding? I thought the weather was wonderful in so cal?????
Have a good weekend and break a leg!