03 August 2014

Sunday Favorite: 96

I love this picture...there's nothing like jumping into the arms of the man you love and giving him a big smooch. You can tell this isn't just sex or making out...this is PASSION. 

We finally had rain in the LA area! It started sometime last night - possibly about 9pm where I am. I noticed about 9:15pm. It rained fairly good off and on throughout the night. The driveway is still damp as is the patio. But it as raised the humidity. I seriously feel as if I'm in the deep South. Poor Winston is having to put up not only with the humidity but with his Daddy fanning himself, saying "I declare!" When it gets like this my inner Scarlet O'Hara comes out. 

I accomplished something yesterday that I've been needing/wanting to do but kept putting it off. I finally changed my kitchen faucet! Shortly after I moved into my house - within the first couple of years, I'm sure - I had changed the original faucet to a Delta. Because I have "hard water" that causes calcification and rust rather easily, the Delta faucet eventually started rusting and leaking. So I bought a new faucet for much less than I paid for the Delta...and yesterday switched it out. Now this new one is far more simple than the Delta. But it will do. And I'm proud of myself for changing it out without help. I usually run into some kind of problem. I really need to learn to do more things for myself. The feeling of accomplishment is nice.

Tonight I start taking care of my sister's menagerie for a few days while she attends a conference. Two cats, a dog, two tortoises, and nine turtles. I don't mind taking care of the cats and dog but the reptiles are a little involved with their feeding routine. Thankfully she wrote everything down. Oh and I got a little lecture on the difference between tortoises and turtles. OY! It was rather interesting though when we walked out to the turtle enclosure - they all came running out of the grass, heads held high! Okay maybe "running" isn't the right term but they do move faster than expected. 

Last night I watched Disney's latest princess offering, "Frozen." It was okay. I liked Sven the reindeer. I was a bit confused because I know Disney has been pushing the Elsa character but the story really is about the sister. They should have gone ahead with the original evil Snow Queen approach rather than trying to make her a sympathetic character. And I could have done without the stupid snowman Olaf. But what can I say...it's formulaic Disney. "Brave" was far better.

That's about all I have for this Sunday. 


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Stan said...

Good for you! I wouldn't even attempt at anything concerning plumbing.
I've had my A/C on for the past month or so haven't you heard of it? The only time I open a window is to let Amata my older cat sun bathe on the window sill every afternoon. The humidity here in NJ is horrible for most of the summer.
I haven't heard anything about my MRI on Thursday on my right knee. Hopefully this week because it's killing me.