01 August 2014


I want to apologize to all of the Blather followers who leave comments...I've turned on the Word Verification. You may remember my complaining about "Anonymous" comments on my blog...these comments never have anything to do with whatever blather I posted and sometimes is very inappropriate. For instance, on one post regarding a friend who passed away, the comments talk about how informative and good the information is. WTF? I've even received some in a foreign language. 

Since this is becoming a daily issue, I turned on Word Verification. I already moderate all comments because I'm picky and don't want others using my insignificant blog as a means of "selling" their scam spam sites.

So forgive me.


1 comment:

Stan said...

It's odd I've been on Blogger since 2008 and never once had any problem with this.
I hate word verification mostly because the words are illegible and it takes 3-4 times before I get it.