07 August 2014

The Work - and Noise - Begins

So the foundation retrofit work has begun...and my oh my is it noisy! Drilling, pounding, what sounds like ratcheting...poor Winston is freaked out. Earlier today he came slinking out from the bedroom and the poor boy was shaking! I had to take him in my arms and go outside for him to calm down.

I admit to a couple of moments of being discomforted myself, especially when the guy was working just about under where I was sitting AND THE FLOOR MOVED. It was like a mini-earthquake. Not fun.

There's only one guy making all of this noise. I saw another guy walking in my backyard around to where the crawl hole is. He must have been checking on the guy, Luis. 

The project manager called me this morning and asked if I wanted Starbucks. Sweet, huh? He came by to ensure the worker got there and started and to have me sign some papers. He hugged me good-bye just like the other day. I tell you, this is one friendly pm. 

Tomorrow I am going to Disneyland. My friend wants to get an annual pass. We've been planning this for a while. But with all the noise I don't want to leave Winston alone. So I talked my friend into going tomorrow afternoon and staying for the evening. He agreed (yay) so that's a big relief off my mind. I'm just not comfortable taking off while a guy is working under my house. I'm not worried about him stealing anything; what I worry about is if he hurts himself and no one is around. I already think my house is haunted without adding to it.

I've had a good day though. I worked on my resume some more and read my new comic books. I'll probably turn on the TV in a little while. Or I may take a nap. I like naps, naps are good. I just wish I had someone to cuddle and nap with. Any volunteers?

Our weather here has cooled down a bit. We're in the 80s now with an occasional breeze. Quite nice. Definitely cuddling/napping weather. *sigh*

PS: This is my 1,055th post!

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Stan said...

My cats freak out too when things like that are happening. They don't like loud noises.
I would definitely cuddle up with you Behr. Too bad I'm in NJ.
Thanks for your comment on my blog concerning my knee problems.
I hope the work gets done there soon.