05 August 2014

Another Curve Ball

So this thing called "Life" never ceases to disappoint. As you may recall, I was laid off back in mid-June. I'm collecting unemployment and a severance so financially I'm doing okay. The mortgage is getting paid, there's food in the fridge and cupboard, and I'm able to basically live my life normally except I don't have to go to work.

I have been working on my resume and completing some online assessments in order to better "sell" myself, so I haven't been a total slack.

Unfortunately I've just inherited a huge debt. I did the unthinkable yesterday - I answered the phone and agreed to a "free no-obligation" inspection of my house's foundation. It wasn't good news. In fact, had the guy not shown me pictures I probably wouldn't have panicked. Here's the pic of one of the wood supports that rests on a cement pier (that holds up the floor):

Yes it's about 2 inches off where it is supposed to be. There are gaps in the beams and in some places, rather than there being a bolt there are two nails holding beams together. Needless to say, this is something that I must take care of before the next seismic event. If I don't, and the house moves again it's possible that the floor will crash to the earth and possibly the rest of the house with it. So I signed on the dotted line and work begins this Thursday. It's costing me $11000.

Yet here's some good news: the guy who did the inspection and signed me up is a project manager not a salesman. He gave me a senior citizen discount (20%) even though I am 12 years too young. AND he got me a better financing deal than if I put it on a credit card or depleted my savings. I got the paperwork today from the funding company and I'm not happy about the rate or the amount of interest that I will end up paying but beggars cannot be choosy. 

This project manager was VERY nice...straight, married, a new father...but an incredible man. Beautiful smile, a really good spirit. I feel I'm a good judge of character and I believe him to be a good man. How many straight businessmen do you know who are so thankful that their customer got approved for financing that they want to hug you? Yep....he asked if he could hug me. That is not the sign of a deceitful person.

So although it is an expense I do not need it is - in the long run - something that I cannot live without. If I were to sell the house this would be a major setback. So better now than later. And may I suggest for anyone who has a raised foundation and many cracks in the ceiling/walls...have your foundation checked out. It's better to do it proactively than when it's too late.

And here's hoping the work crew will be gorgeous even if they will be working under the house!

So that's my latest news. When it rains!!



Mark in DE said...

Oh boy. Did you crawl underneath to ensure the photos were actually of your house/foundation?

In my area, a termite inspection company was offering "free termite inspections". Guess what? They found termites at nearly every home and even showed them photos. They quickly gave the homeowners a quote to treat them. I instructed my client to get a 2nd opinion, which of course showed no termites present. The photos were apparently taken in some other home's crawl space.

Before the work begins, you should get a 2nd opinion on the need for the work AND for the price to fix it if indeed it needs to be done at all.

Stan said...

11 grand doesn't sound that bad to me if what he says is true. You might want to take Marks advice and either go under there yourself and look or get somebody else to do it.
It's always something when you have a house. That's why I don't have one.

mistress maddie said...

Well hang in their handsome. Yes, its a pain in the ass, but unfortunately will need to be done, especially where you live. Friends tell me to own a house, but right now I rent a condo. Which is fine for me, with my lifestyle. I can't be bothered with repairs and hard work, and if something arises, my landlord is right there with in a day to fix or replace. So for my no worries.

mistress maddie said...

I'm with you Stan, I don't own either.