08 June 2012

Friday Funny

An acquaintance posted this on Facebook...hysterical! (click to enlarge)

After the work day ends I will officially be on one week's vacation. I've only taken two vacation days so far this year and this is well deserved. I'll be doing things around the house, hopefully seeing a movie or two, having lunch with a friend, and visiting Bear in SF. That trip will be a quick 1 1/2 days; the excellent part is NO WORK involvement!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



Nik_TheGreek said...

So, what's the difference?

SteveA said...

The privates are covered - but the inclination is there!

Rick said...

I FINALLY got through. Glad your back Mark! I hope you have a great vacation week. Wish I was close by and we could definitely catch up on some movies. I am soooo behind.

Cubby said...

Have fun with Bear in SF.

Greg and I are seeing Prometheus on Wednesday. Why don't you come join us? Wednesdays are $5 (we're cheap).