24 June 2012

SF Trip

I can't believe it's already been a week and a half since I visited Bear in SF. Wow. Time flies. Here are some of the pictures that I took. Unfortunately they're not in any kind of order...I had difficulty with my camera and took some of these with my iPhone. Click to enlarge for detail.

Barbary Coast marker

Barbary Coast marker detail

The Ferry Building tower...it is a 1906 earthquake survivor

Matson Building on Market

PG&E Building...great detail in the main entry archway

Lights on either side of the main archway of the PG&E building

One of the ram heads that adorns the PG&E building

The Shell Building...according to the doorman, the lobby was used in "Towering Inferno"

Clock above the Southern Pacific building entrance

Star Girl statue at CitiCorp Building...I had never seen this before

Star Girl detail

Just outside the main door of the Russ Building...look at how worn it is from years of people walking over it

Working mailbox in the Russ Building

A cute building...enlarge to see the detail

The Hibernia Bank building

Jackson Square marker...it's in an alleyway!

The Lotta Crabtree fountain and DeYoung building

An elaborate lobby ceiling

The Audiffred Building - another 1906 earthquake survivor

There was special significance of this building...but I can't remember what

The iconic Transamerica building...the building of it was completed in 1972!

Art Deco building (corner of O'Farrell and Post)
One of my favorite buildings from the walk...I just can't remember anything about it!

In addition to the walking tour, we hung out at my hotel (The Phoenix), went to Japantown for dinner and a movie (Citizen Kane!) and had a couple beers at The Cinch. Thank you Bear for a great time for being such a great friend.



mistress maddie said...

Looks like you had a swell time tootes! When I was out there I reall enjoyed both times, so much to see and do!!!! Not enough time, and were the boys ever friendly!!! Thanks for sharing your day.

Rick said...

I can't believe I made it to your blog.
Great shots! thanks for sharing. It's been over 20 years since my visit to SF. These pics make me want to go again.

Stan said...

Such a beautiful city it is. I must get there again soon.

Cubby said...

I love your pics! I miss SF. That's where Greg and I got married 4 years ago.

Matthew Gregory said...

Gosh, you got a lot of great pics! Thanks for the visit! I had a great time with you as always! HUGS! I'm so grateful for your friendship, behr!

BTW, the last building you can't remember details about: that's Columbus Tower AKA The Sentinel Building. Completed in 1907, currently home of Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Company, previous home of the Kingston Trio's headquarters, and the (alleged) birthplace of the caesar salad!

Wonder Man said...

I need to go to SF

Anonymous said...

The building you can't recall significance of is the Alcoa tower and it is one of the early examples of the seismic frame being used as its primary decoration. Usually that criss cross frame is inside the glazed wall. It is really one of the most interesting structures in the Financial district in SF. Far more interesting than most of the boring towers in SF.