01 June 2012

Out of HiBEHRnation

That's right Behr Fans - - I'm back!

During the past three months I came to realize that I really missed blogging. Sure, I was doing my best to stay abreast of everyone's blogs...but it just wasn't the same. I found myself commenting in paragraphs rather than sentences on other blogs. I also would come across an experience or situation or news bite about which I definitely had an opinion; so I decided I should look into returning.

I sent an email to several supporters and asked their opinion. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and very very touching. A few brought tears to my eyes. 

Onward! Let's catch up, shall we?

I've undergone a few changes since I've been gone. One minor change is I have removed my nipple ring permanently. What's that? You didn't know the Behr was pierced? Ten years ago I had my left nipple pierced as a "last hurrah" before turning 40. I alternated between a ring and a bar. Those who saw it often were taken aback; evidently I don't look the type. Anyway, one day I noticed that the the piercing was red and swollen; possibly due to my weight gain. So I took out the bar to give it a rest. It actually bled a little, too. A couple days later I attempted to replace the ring but couldn't get it in (I hate that). So since it's been 10 years and the novelty is pretty much over I left it out. Thanks to some nipple clamps and a snakebite kit, I'm regaining sensitivity in the previously pierced nipple.

Was that TMI?

In April I had an opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop during which I was certified by the company (Achieve Global) to lead leadership and customer service training programs at the deliver and develop levels. It's actually a big deal. This portable certification allows me a broader range of training that I can deliver. It makes me a "grown up" trainer. Now hopefully I'll be able to increase my training repertoire beyond just systems training. Forgive me, but a moment to brag...the Master Trainer in charge of the workshop told me at the end of the competency that she knew I was certified on day two...she just couldn't say anything. Huzzah!

Also in April I celebrated my 49th birthday. I was a bit torn about not celebrating in a big way since the world was slated to end this December (and thereby depriving me of the pleasure of greeting my 50th birthday) but decided it's really just another day. Then the other Mayan records were found in Guatemala and now it looks as if I will have to face the big five-oh. 

One of the reasons I thought I would stop blogging was due to a health issue. Good news! Things have gotten better on that front. I'll blog about that another time. (That's called a cliff-hanger!)

Last but not least:
It's National Donut Day!



Cubby said...

Yay! So glad you are back!

The pierced nipple? I knew you had it in you ;-)

Sorry for the short post, but as it is National Doughnut Day I have to run to Krispy Kreme before they are sold out.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Welcome back!!!! :-D

Congratulations on passing the "grown up" training!

I'm off for a donut now. See you again hopefully soon?

Matthew Gregory said...

Welcome back, behr! It was a joy to read a new post from you! HUGS!

Stan said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad your back again.

mistress maddie said...

Welcome Back Behr! Can a queen give a bear hug??? Spo many congrats to you on many levels and your tone sounds great! And what will become of the piercing? A keepsake now? I myself passed on the Donut day in leiu of a gin and tonic!

SteveA said...

Welcome back - I had a nipple ring piercing too - but took it out after a couple of months after it kept getting inflamed...

Ivan Vargas said...

Glad to see you're back, Mark!