08 March 2012


After nearly three years, I have decided to abandon Behr Blather. 

There are numerous reasons why I've made this decision...most of them are personal. The one reason I'm comfortable to share is I simply no longer gain pleasure from it. 

I want to thank all of my followers - 152 - who truly astonished me that you found something here you liked. I also want to thank those who have commented on various posts from time to time. Your support has meant the world.

I have made some wonderful cyber friends, all who are kind, funny, intelligent, sexy, and permanently etched on my heart. Those friendships will definitely continue.

Thank you for nearly three full years of fun, laughter, self-revelation, and sexiness. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to keep in touch: behrmark@gmail.com



Cubby said...

Good blogs never die, they just fade away.

I miss you already, Mark. You know I adore you xoxoxo

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, I'm sorry that you won't be posting any longer, but hopefully you will still keep in touch with our sites. No use in doing something you don't enjoy any longer. Life is too short. Maybe you will even decide to come back to blogging at a different point!

Anonymous said...

It's been great viewing your blog all this time. I am not one to comment on the blog, but I have enjoyed viewing it. I do encourage you not to delete the content of your blog because it is a valuable document that serves as a witness to history - especially gay history - during this time. Archive it so that it can be accessed at some future time or so that you could return to it if you want to. Additionally, your links to other blogs are important, too. Have a great time with your future endeavors.
Brother Bear

Stan said...

Sorry to hear this Mark but I completely understand. I'm getting tired of blogging too and I'm always thinking of giving it up. When it becomes a daily chore it's just no fun anymore. Good luck to you Buddy! I'd love to meet you some day if I'm ever out there in the LA area. Take care.
Great Big Hugs,

mistress maddie said...

Well big Behr Hugs to you!!!!! Feel free to drop a email if you ever would like too! We can Delta dish!!!!

Kisses and please take good care!

Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm very sorry to hear that... You will be missed in the blogosphere. You never know though. You might feel the need to come back to it. We'll be here. :-)

David Dust said...

You will be missed.


Wonder Man said...

Mark, I will miss the blog, but since you are local, we will meet someday

RAD said...

Aloha my bud.... I know how you feel-- I am slowing down on my blog the last few years too. My interest seem to be dwindling-- but I keep going thinking of it as a scrapbook as I dont get as deep on it these days ....Anyhow good luck and keep in touch and stay awesome! BIG BEHR HUGS from me to you! XO

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go.

CJ/Rick said...

Well damn Mark. I get up and think I'll try and see if I can actually connect to your blog without getting booted off line. What do I get for my unusual success? A goodbye post.
Mark good luck to you. I will miss my west coast connection. Hopefully we will keep in touch.

SteveA said...

Best of luck my friend xoxo!