29 January 2011

Behr Pick: Tim

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the day off. It was a really good day. I did the laundry and ironing to get it all out of the way. I went to the movies in the late morning and in the afternoon I met chat friends at Disneyland Resort.

Since laundry isn't that exciting I'm going to skip over that part of the day.

I went to see The Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. I'm sure some of you have see it and possibly have blogged about it. I'd been wanting to see it before the awards season officially started and now with the Golden Globe wins and Oscar nominations in place, I had to check it out.

If I were to describe this movie to someone I would say it's The Turning Point meets Identity. In other words, a ballet movie that much of takes place inside one of the character's mind. Maybe I didn't get it but I had unanswered questions at the end. And usually that annoys me but with this film I thought it was a good thing since it allows each person watching it to walk away with a different thought as to what really happened. Listen to me making it sound like a whodunit. Really though, the question remains: was Nina crazy crazy or just so overwhelmingly pressured that she went crazy.

The supporting cast is terrific: Mila Kunis as the sweet bad girl who you like and hate; Vincent Cassel as the brilliant yet slimy director; Winona Ryder as the tragically replaced principle dancer; and Barbara Hershey as the overbearing, somewhat psychotic, passive-aggressive mother who blames her successful daughter for her own failures. I believe Kunis and Hershey were both overlooked for deserving Oscar noms. So I'm recommending The Black Swan. It could be a Netflix/cable movie but definitely check it out. For me there was enough grace, elegance, and thrills to make it watchable and enjoyable.

In the afternoon I met R & K at Disneyland Resort. R and I have been chatting for a while on a bear social networking site. It was nice to finally meet him and his husband (they're one of the 18,000 legally married gay couples in California) and spend time getting to know them better. We rode a couple of rides and mainly spent time talking. It was nice.

So that was Friday.

Today's behr pick, Tim, comes to us probably from some social networking site where I discovered his amazing countenance. Hope you find him as woofy as I do.

It's Saturday....go enjoy it. BEHR HUGS

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sounds like a fun day