09 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 52

I like this picture for several reasons...first, it's in black and white. Aside from the usual considerations of light and shadows, it gives the shot a more aged look. Second, the guy is freakin' cute...just look at that smile. Third, it has a spontaneous look to it, as if Mr. Hunky decided to strip and jump into the tub for a photo op at the urging of his buddies who are no doubt standing off-camera mooning him.

So last week was rough. I may have mentioned a mini-meltdown at work. I'm feeling better although not back to feeling 100% secure. Paranoia is running rampant through my head. But I think by the end of this coming week I'll have improved further. Thanks for the words of support here and in texts and emails. I appreciate it!



Cubby said...

So many people are in your same position. Paranoia and stress are maxing out across the country and world. This sure doesn't look like an 'economic recovery' to me. Hope things are better for you next week. xoxoxo

Wonder Man said...

just hang in there, bud