24 January 2011

Kiss the Weekend Good-Bye

I hope you kissed the weekend good-bye because it's Monday.

I am hoping it'll be a short week again. Because New Year's Day landed on a Saturday the company gives us a "floating" holiday, which means we can take it any time within 30 before or after the actual holiday. So I'm running out of time if I'm going to take it. I'm planning on Friday for another long weekend.

Didn't do much this weekend despite the beautiful weather. Sunday I spent time with my folks as usual; we walked to lunch then shopping then back to their house. All about probably 1 to 1 1/2 miles round trip I'd say. I got some sun.

Now onto the week. May it be swift and sure! BEHR HUGS


Stan said...

I'd rather kiss these two studs than the weekend. Especially since it's 5 degrees outside right now and I need warming up!

Cubby said...

Have a good week Mark. And please send the guy on the left to my house.