03 January 2011

Hi Ho!

It's back to work I go after a 3 week vacation. It was surprisingly easy to get up this morning. I suspect, however, that this afternoon I'm going to crash because I'll be wanting my afternoon nap.

I dread putting on a tie again. But...it's all part and parcel of the job so I need to suck it in and do it. And unfortunately that sucking it in is figurative since I've gain a lot of weight over the last month.

Happy Monday to all. May it be quick and painless.



Stan said...

I hope your day goes well Mark. Gained weight? Your not alone buddy!

Cubby said...

You have the best pics!
Try to have some fun at work today.

Wonder Man said...

I have to return tomorrow

CJ/Rick said...

Three weeks? That had to be tough. I hate going in after the weekend. But now since it's cooler I don't mind the tie so much. I hope you had a good day.
Happy New Year to you.