12 January 2011

Open Letter to Ricky Martin

Dear Ricky:

Congratulations on your latest single that is being blogged about around the world. Although I am quite certain sales will make it a hit, I thought some feedback would be appropriate, so here goes:

I hate it.

It's not the music although it's really not my style. It really seems, as a song, "thrown together." The lyrics are mediocre at best. I'm no music critic but I thought it was rather pedestrian. It lacked the beat of "Livin' La Vida Loca." It's also not you looking all cute and scruffy and tatted up. It's not even the folks who appear in your video because there's a nice mix presumably showing all types. But Ricky dear...you got it wrong. I hate it because of the people who DON'T appear in your video.

Ricky you cannot preach equality while showing nothing but ultra-attractive, gym-buffed men and women. You're pandering to the straight community because even though there are gay couples it's okay because they look like they're off the pages of A&F or GQ or Vogue.

Where are the bears? Where are the overweight lesbians? Where are those who have to struggle twice as hard because they aren't necessarily cute or handsome or beautiful or easily assimilated into the WeHo world of Barbies and Kens? If you want to preach equality then SHOW equality. Because the bear community is just as gay as the rest of the gay community and we love a good tune that can be remixed for the next bear circuit event.

I think it's great you finally decided to come out. I think it's great you're a father and gay. But I don't think it's great that you're still afraid to open your world up to everyone. Because we big boys love just as hard and just as intensely as the beautiful people. Don't you think it's time that all types are included in our messages of equality? Think about it. And write us a song that is reflective of the entire community.

Thank you.



Mary said...

"And write us a song that is reflective of the entire community."

You are asking Ricky to behave like politically correct gay activist, not a performer who supports LGBT issues.

I understand your point, but you are asking too much.

Cubby said...

Well put. In the meantime, we have Kendall.

Wonder Man said...

I think you brought up some very good points

Stan said...

I agree I think the song sucks too.
Mary has a point but you make some very legit ones too Mark.

behrmark said...

@Mary: All I ask is that if he's going to play for our team then he play for the entire team. I don't see how that is asking too much to be all-inclusive of our community.

behrmark said...

@Cubby: I would totally do Kendall! As I know many of you would!

Howard said...

Behr, while I do respect your opinion, I tend to agree with Mary, you are asking a lot of a man, more than you are asking of others, including Kendall. Does Kendall, who I really like, have lesbians, twinks, etc in every one of his video? Considering Ricky is dealing with the big studio system, I think what he is doing is remarkable. But the great thing, we can just disagree about one or two things, and still be friends!

BTW, I have an award post, which you are a part of. Mwah!


jockluvr said...

May I ask where are all those types in your own web site? A quick glance at your recent website entry pics show buffed/hot model type guys? I don't see any overweight lesbians, etc.

As for Ricky Martin, he's producing entertainment - people like to look at pretty people.

Those of us (myself included) who have bodies and faces for radio and not TV, should be fine with that. I don't have to see ugly bodies in videos to feel good about myself. Not all entertainment needs to be a social statement.

behrmark said...

@jockluvr: Take a deeper look and you'll find the bears and cubs. Trust me. As for overweight lesbians I'd be happy to include them just for you. And for the record, my blog is followed by a little over 100 people; RM's appeal is far greater than mine. No one knows "behrmark" but everyone knows Ricky Martin.
You stated "not all entertainment needs to be a social statement." I quite agree. However, Ricky IS making a social statement in the guise of entertainment. I'm just saying that if he wants to show same-sex, racial, and religious equality then he may want to also include image equality.

Anonymous said...

Make that 101. I read Behr Blather every day. This is my first comment, but it is designed to make you realize there are others out there reading your blog. Keep it up.
Brother Bear

jockluvr said...

Well, I do enjoy the pics on your web site very much, so I'll be happy to continue looking for the bears and cubs!

behrmark said...

@Anonymous: Thank you Brother Bear!!