25 January 2011

Behr Pick: Tuesday Bear

There's nothing better than cuddling a bear. And this one is very cuddly looking. I'd love to lay my head on his belly and just drift away.

Have you ever had one of those moments where a smell triggers a memory? I had that yesterday afternoon as I was walking through the Red Line station. That's our Los Angeles subway, BTW. Two young Latin men walked passed me; they both had on jeans, plaid shirts, and trendy haircuts. At first sight I thought "gay." And as I passed them I could smell their cologne overlaid with cigarette smoke and with a hint of sex. I'm almost positive it was Drakkar Noir. It totally took me back to my 20's when I used to wear cologne and smoke too much at the clubs while dancing the night away.

Monday is over and it turned out to be not that bad. Let's hope today flies by too.


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Wonder Man said...

In my 20s, we were good lil boys