16 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 53

Be sure to click on today's picture to get the full effect as to why this is a favorite. Like most of the pictures featured here, this was undoubtedly found on the Internet somewhere.

First off...I may have mentioned before that I have a thing for bearded guys. I also have a thing for dark-haired guys. And of course I have a thing for furry-chested.

I'm not so wild about the cigar but the imagery and sharpness of the lighter's flame is incredible.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It's warmed up to the 80's here in the Los Angeles area. I wore shorts yesterday and probably will again today. In January!



Stan said...

I love the pic and glad your having such great weather. It's warmed up to 32 degrees here so far today.

SteveA said...

That's a hot guy! It's a bit chilly where I am, but then it's not as bad as places like London, or New York!

Wonder Man said...

hope you had a good weekend

CJ/Rick said...

Glad you are warming up and drying out a bit in your area. I hope your weekend went well and that it was productive for you.
Now back to work!