24 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 62

I'm not sure I can handle much more "weekend." Yesterday was nothing short of incredible. I'm feeling a bit like the picture, although perhaps not quite so lonely looking.

As you may recall, I attended a pool party put on by BearsLA, one of the local "bear" groups. I'm adding pool parties to the list right below "bars" for places in which to feel intimidated. It didn't help that when Patrick and I arrived we saw muscle bears...and I mean MUSCLE BEARS. These men were demigods. (When their swim trunks came off they advanced to god status.) I was lucky that there were a few people I knew - former "acquaintances" (wink wink) and friends of the platonic variety. There was a ton of food, a ton of flesh, a lot of sun (I'm pink this morning) and a lot of camaraderie. Oh get your minds out of the gutter. (Okay, that happened too but not to me.) Overall, I enjoyed it and am proud of myself for actually removing my shirt and getting into the pool and holding my head up high while walking past aforementioned gods.

Afterwards, Patrick and I went to Disneyland to meet up with his cousins who are visiting from Mexico. I was afraid it was going to be awkward so I put on my "work" face so-to-speak, and stepped up, introduced myself, and jumped into conversation with them. (Maybe I should have tried that at the pool party.) Anyway, we had a lot of laughs and drama with the dad going missing (he was eventually found). We rode my favorite ride - Haunted Mansion - and did some other stuff including watching the fireworks, which is a new display. Loved. It.

Afterwards, Patrick and I headed toward home and stopped for something to eat. We were both hungry hungry bears! When I dropped Patrick off at his home we had a long chat in my truck, mostly about the day's events. When I finally got my head onto my pillow it was going on 3 a.m.

Hopefully this will be a nice quiet Sunday. BEHR HUGS to all.


Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm very glad you had such a nice and eventful weekend.
There is absolutely no reason why you should feel intimidated at the pool party.
So, what's next? What have you got planned for next weekend?

mistress maddie said...

Well it sounds like you had a great time! You almost seem to be glowing. And you mean the swim trunks came off???? I'm shocked! And a bit horny now.

Stan said...

Damn! I am so jealous of you right now. Sounds like a great weekend!

RAD said...

I can see the glow from over here in Seattle! :-)

Hope all is well buddy! xo

Wonder Man said...

sounds like it was a good outing

CJ/Rick said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. You and Disneyland crack me up for some reason.
Why shouldn't you hold your head up high? I've been told I have a "go to hell" look on my face at work. I worked hard to get that look too. But I hope that's not your work face. ;)

Kyle said...

Glad you had fun Mark. Just put yourself out there. You are a great guy-let people see it.