03 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 59

Spent last night with the bears at a local watering hole. Over all I had a good time. Some of those bears are so friendly. I ended up part of a bear sandwich at one point. I wish I had been the meat but I wasn't. I'm perfectly fine with that though. *wink*

It's been hot here in the Los Angeles basin...trying to stay cool is a real chore. I've been trying to keep the ants at bay too. I keep losing that battle. I wish I could find a nice non-toxic (to pets and humans) way to get rid of them.

Will be spending part of today - as I do every Sunday - with my parental units. At least their house is cooler. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow for the holiday.

Enjoy your Sunday and stay cool, everyone. BEHR HUGS


Wonder Man said...

sounds like you had a hot time ;-)

Cubby said...

Non-toxic? You're right, it's a losing battle. If you are ever willing to use full-strength insecticide I can tell you from experience that it is very effective.

We spent two years fighting ants in our Florida house, then I went out and got ant poison and sprayed the exterior, including the roof line, twice a week for three weeks. For the next two years we did not see a single ant.

CJ/Rick said...

Bear sandwich sounds good.