16 July 2011

Behr Movie: HPDH2

Here's my take on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II:


I went to the midnight showing on Friday with my friends Patrick and Steven. It was great fun. Never before have I stood in line 6 hours for a movie. Patrick arrived at the theater about 5 pm and bought our tickets and got into the entry line. I got there about 6. I had brought a sub sandwich that we shared and Patrick had some candy. Since that wasn't enough for two bears, he went off and got us a large cheese pizza about 8:30. We only ate half of it! Steven finally showed up as the line started moving!

Patrick and I had fun listening to the teenagers on both sides of us and determining which of the males were going to end up gay. It was obvious. We also checked out lots of older guys walking by the line. Who knew that standing in an alley behind a movie theater would yield so much hot meat!


The movie itself was - in my humble opinion - the perfect ending to the series. It is also the first one that I've seen in the theater that I would see again in the theater. We happened to see it in 3D. While this certainly gave the movie a unique look in comparison to the previous seven, I don't believe it enhanced the movie to the degree that it is a "must see" in that format.

There's been much written on the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, on Neville Longbottom killing Nagini (and what a hunk Matthew Lewis has grown into), and the death of Severus Snape...but for me the two great moments of the movie involved two different Weasleys.

The first, in a brilliant moment of acting, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley sobs over the body of his dead brother, George; the raw emotion that Rupert expressed was very emotional, although it lasted but a few seconds on screen. It was a moment for Rupert to shine as an actor and he pulled it off deftly.

The second, in a brilliant moment of story telling, was the showdown between Molly Weasely (the ever brilliant Julie Walters) and Bellatrix Lestrange (the uber-talented Helena Bonham Carter)...with the now oft-quoted line of "Not my daughter, you bitch!" and several flicks of her wand, Molly kills Bellatrix (without use of the Avada Kedavra). The audience erupted in approving clapping and shouts. What made this brilliant was the fact that the Molly character has been the mother hen, protective, hovering in the kitchen, dispensing wise advice, but not truly showing off defensive magics....until now. Well done Molly.

I was very happy that the original actors (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright, and Emma Watson) were used for the epilogue rather than hiring "older" actors. And Rupert Grint with a little belly looked HOT!

I will be surprised if HPDH2 is not one of the ten nominated Best Pictures for next year's Academy Awards. I think it surpasses LOTR's Return of the King. Perhaps that's just the afterglow still talking though.

If you liked any of the previous movies then jump on the band wagon and see the final movie on the big screen. You'll be happy you did!



Beartoast said...

OK, I stopped at the "spoiler alert". Just saw HPDH1 this week. Great. Looling forward to part 2. The end? I think not. Maybe of the movies, but I'll enjoy (re)reading the books.

Cheers, sweet man

Cubby said...

Sorry I can't read this now. I'll come back to this after I see the movie. Dunno when that will be. Greg won't go when it is so crowded and it could be weeks before the crowds thin out. Will you come to Dayton and take me to see it?

SteveA said...

I saw it today and it is AWESOME as you mentioned. I concur that the 3-D is not required but it was fun.

The acting of all the leads were full-on, there were some scenes where you can feel the pain (and I did tear up...like the one where Ron weeps over George, and even Hermione weeps and hugs Harry as he leaves for the battle!

The battle scenes between the wizards were awesome!

I'm so going to see this movie again and again! Definitely I think it surpasses LOTR the final chapter - this deserves a best picture nomination!

CJ/Rick said...

I've never seen one of the HP movies in theatre but I might this one with your glowing review.
Six hours? You are something else.

Rob said...

I loved the movie and like you I think I will return to see it again in the theatre. Must be something about that scene between Molly and Bellatrix because here in Connecticut the theatre erupted in applause as well and I did love Ron The scene where they were getting out of wet clothes you could see he is a bit stocky and I do love a stocky boy but when he got older and they gave him that bit of a belly WOOF

Cubby said...

First off, I'm pissed at you. I've been at the Dayton airport since Friday waiting for you so we could go to the movie. I'm brokenhearted you stood me up.

Second, I agree with every point you made. This movie really was flawless. Like you, I hope it earns an Oscar nod.

Third, you're hot. (I just thought I'd throw that in there).

Nik_TheGreek said...

Although I've read the books and know the ending, I didn't read your spoiler alerts! I'll go to watch the movie first. :-)
I'm glad you liked it. I'll try to go next week to try to avoid the great crowds.

Wonder Man said...

it was great

Kyle said...

Mark, I'm so glad you had such a good time, before and after the film. We'll see it when it comes out on DVD. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final chapter.