10 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 60

Welcome to Behr Blather's 60th edition of Sunday Favorite...I often scratch my head in wonderment that what happens here continues to grow. Behr Blather recently attained its 130th follower. While cruising through the blog-o-sphere, I discovered links to Behr Blather from some surprising sources...and I thank each and every one of its followers and champions. Now....onto today's blather.

Recently I've experienced that rare phenomenon called "Feast." You are more likely familiar with its first cousin "Famine." Yes, that is correct, the Behr is experiencing a rise in popularity and not just in cyberland but in REAL LIFE. That's right gentlemen (and ladies), I have been on a few "dates" the past couple of weeks and it appears there are a few gentlemen out there who desire my company. Now, no one could be more surprised than I but I am enjoying it. The amusing aspect of this situation is the perceived jealousy that appears to be raising its head. I have one particular friend who, when I declined his offer to go get tacos for dinner due to a dinner/movie date with someone else, started quizzing me on who, what, when, and where. All he didn't ask was how and we all know that's second nature.

So my date consisted of a nice Mexican dinner and seeing "Horrible Bosses," which was funny. It is always good to see Kevin Spacey play a bad guy.

Before I forget - today's favorite picture should come as an easy lob to anyone not familiar with the favorite aspect. Beard? Check. Big body? Check. Amazing fur? Check. See? It's as easy as 1-2-3.


I'm very stoked that one of my most favorite people in the world will be coming to visit me in early August. He is taking a small vacation and chose lovely Los Angeles as his travel destination! I'm going to take a few days off from work so I can play tour guide. My boss doesn't know it yet but I'm confident he'll okay the request. No exact plans yet as to what will be on our itinerary but a tour of movie theaters - The Chinese Theater, The Egyptian, El Capitan, ArcLight, etc - will be on the tour. I'd like to take him to Disneyland or Universal Studios. I'd like to take him to the observatory and to Westwood Mortuary Park where several celebrities are interred (including Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Jim Backus, and Heather O'Rourke). Too many things to do and too few days in which to do it.

I have other thoughts running through my head but I don't want this installment to turn into some overly long missive. So with that news, I'll let you get on with your Sunday.



Stan said...

Dating? What's that? Seriously though I'm so glad for you. I'll bet that feels good and does a lot for the ego. I could sure use a boost. I hope the visit by your friend goes well. If I ever get the opportunity to visit LA I'll have to look you up too. See what you've started?

Beartoast said...

Ooooo. dating. Go for it. And have fun.

Wonder Man said...

yes, have fun and be bad