29 July 2013

Monday Monday

I'm off to the Bay area again this afternoon. Rather than go into work then drive to the airport, I'm "working from home." That basically means I periodically check e-mail from my Macbook. My parents offered to drive me to the airport; this saves on parking fees. It also gets them out of the house and they like doing things like this. They'll pick me up on Wednesday when I return, too.

This week shouldn't be quite as stressful as last week - except making that homebound flight. I think I will call for a cab to get to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Class is scheduled to end at 4 and my flight is 5:25. If I can leave the building no later than 4:15 I should make it. No checking my bag this time. AND...I'll be sure to print out my boarding pass ahead of time. 

So that's how my week is starting. 



BearTalks said...

I hope you'll have a good week! Cheers! :)

Stan said...

Taking and picking up folks from the airport seems to be my job too. Just wish I was going off some place for a change.
Have a good week.

viktor kerney said...

have a safe trip