28 May 2010

Behr Pick: Andre

I had the pleasure of meeting Andre at the BearsLA Naughty Santa Christmas event back in December. He was one of the contestants who posed in Santa wear, bared his butt through the chimney, and had his (enormous) package checked out by the host. Ok guess you had to be there. Aside from the fur and pierced nipples (click the pic to embiggen), he has tats and the most gorgeous smile. He's also a very nice guy. Oh and he didn't win the contest if you can believe that. I thought he would be a nice choice to get the long weekend started. What say you?



CJ/Rick said...

I'm wondering what it would be like to bite on those nipples?????

Stan said...

Woof! I'd love to feel all that fur on top of me! Have a great weekend!

Wonder Man said...

that's a lot of meat