16 May 2010

Two-Time Survivor Winner

She did it! Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time winner of the reality game show Survivor. She beat out Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz to capture the title of Sole Survivor for the second time. She won Season 7 Pearl Islands and tonight for Season 20 Heroes vs Villains.

Parvati played her third game this season and failed to capture the second win. However, she holds the record for the most number of days played.

Russell lost his second bid for the million dollar prize. In Season 19 he came in second and this season he dropped to third. He continues to crow that he should have been the winner of both games based on his sneaky, manipulative, domineering strategy. (For the record, there's something kind of sexy about him...he's a straight pocket bear.)

For the record, Sandra's husband is serving our country in Afghanistan, hence the military cap. Congratulations to Sandra for a game well-played!

Behr Hugs!

UPDATE: Here's a picture of Russell from Season 19. By the end of the 39 days he's much furrier body-wise and slimmer from the harsh conditions of limited food and extreme physical challenges.

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