13 May 2010

Behr Pick: 2(x)ist

Although I have a broad range of attraction, there are only a handful who stir something within me beyond my loins. Passion, lust, and desire are wonderful emotions but there's more to attraction: confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humor are HUGE turn-ons. Once in a great while there will be something about a man - his aura, his presence, his very being - that stirs something deep within me. Quite often it's an unnamed quality. Today's pick has that unnamed quality. His beauty, his aura, his being stirs something deep within me.

I invite you to click on the picture, and breathe in this man's essence. You won't be disappointed.



SteveA said...

It's true - the enlarged photo shows more sexy furiness - ummmmm!

Cubby said...

The French term "je ne sais quoi" is appropriate here.

I love that he has the beginnings of an underbite. That turns me on to no end. Plus he has beautiful lips and nips!

CJ/Rick said...

It's amusing what attracts us. I like pretty but I like rough too. Oh yeah nad you're right a laugh can go a long way as well.

Wonder Man said...

he is very sexy, his eyes says so much