18 May 2010

Behr Pick: Daddy Masseur

He's definitely a daddy. And I believe he's leaning on a sheet-covered table so I assume he's a masseur. And even if he's not...it's my fantasy so he's whatever I want him to be!

Speaking of masseurs, I've only had a few massages in my lifetime. The first was a birthday present to me. When I booked the appointment I explained to the guy that I was looking for a legitimate massage. When I arrived for the appointment he reminded me that for an additional $30 he'd perform the massage in the nude. No thanks, I want a legitimate massage I said. I sort of got one although there was a happy ending. Granted, it felt nice but I was disappointed that this supposed CMT (certified massage therapist) didn't know what I meant by "legitimate" massage. The second massage I had was from my S's CMT. I really enjoyed this one as it was totally legit and he didn't charge extra to be nude. He always kept a hand on me, even when moving from my upper body to my lower body. Actually, he'd take his finger and run it down my back and butt crack! It wasn't sexual, just keeping contact. He also complimented me on my legs. LOL. My third massage was performed by my ex while he was going to massage therapy school. He was actually better than I expected.

I've often wanted to get another one - been thinking about it since my back started hurting - but so many of the guys who do massage think it's a sexual thing. I could go back to the one I liked but...it would be awkward for me. He'd want to talk about S. Plus I've gained a lot of weight since then. That's probably the main reason I don't follow through with making an appointment with anyone. I must admit, however, that the feel of a man's hands manipulating my muscles is a wonderful feeling.

Does anyone have a massage story to share? Leave a comment and let us know!



Thaumbody said...

I know what you mean. I have been wanting to learn massage so that I can be licensed (and charge :), but I'm concerned that everyone will think it's for sexual reason. But it's not, I genuinely like to touch and caress people, but when I give massages it's to help people relax.

I place the blame on American culture that has confounded all forms of touch with sexuality.

SteveA said...

I've been to a few massages and I prefer the legit ones as you say. I mean I was even in a bath house in Peru and had a massage - and even that was legit. Although my partner was in the room next to me, he said his masseuse offered him to "play games" for extra.

I had a good one at the Ritz - that was a good one. It was kinda wierd though because the guy who gave me the massage was an acquaintance of mine....but he was hot!