20 May 2010

Behr Pick: Killer Smile

A killer smile always scores high points, especially if it is genuine. If it is framed by a beard, moustache, or goatee all the better. I'm sure I found this particularly incredible hunk on another blog but I unfortunately don't remember which one (thanks for letting me "borrow" him).

It's finally Thursday...it's been kind of a rough week for me, especially at work. I'm trying to maintain composure and not scream profanities at those people who are working my last nerve. I keep telling myself to take deep breaths and let it go. Two days in the week left - woo hoo!



SteveA said...

Love the glow with his smile! He is so cute!

Wonder Man said...

Love that smile

CJ/Rick said...

Oh yeah. I love a man with a great smile. Not that "I've got a deal for you " kind of smile but one like this where they are smiling with their eyes as well. Makes me swoon. I know you survived the week. I have days/weeks/months like that. They are all behind us now. Well till Monday. ;)