21 May 2010

Behr Pick: Angelo Garcia

Part papi, part cub, all muscle: that describe Angelo Garcia, today's Behr Pick. Although there's a "fashion" look to these pics, they show off his sensuality, his mysteriousness, his lickable chest and abs.

It's FINALLY Friday!! Everyone dance the happy dance! I've got a full weekend, mostly errands and chores. But at least I won't be at work.

Enjoy your end of week and week end! BEHR HUGS!


Wonder Man said...

this guy is super hot

David Dust said...

Angelo Garcia is one of my favorites.


CJ/Rick said...

Why do I have the urge to SMACK that ass?

Will said...

Great bodies, but a question: can a guy still be a bear when all his body hair is shaved off? I love men who have all the hair nature gave them, particularly a rich, furry mat between their pecs that I can sink my face into. I loves me some natural man!