23 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 33

Those are just a few things that came to mind when I first saw this picture.
And of course that the scenery is gorgeous.

It's been a good weekend so far. I mostly ran errands; did some planting in the flowerbeds and watered; laundry of course. Today I'll be helping out at the workday for the next show at the theater. And the weekly visit to the parents.

Whatever plans you have, I hope it's a wonderful day, full of passion, love, and lust.



SteveA said...

Thanks - I need passion to live! I need love to feel I'm needed and I need lust - well - to just frigging have fun!

Have a great day!

Michael Rivers said...

Beautiful photo!!

In an hour I'm off to brunch with friends so it should be a good start to the day!

Stan said...

Pic reminds me of "From here to Eternity" The bottom guy is Edu Boxer. Top guy could be his partner Manu Maltes but looks more like Bruno Bond.
(please excuse the shameless name dropping)

CJ/Rick said...

I love those rock hard formations. Only in California. ;) SOunds like a productive weekend. I hope your week goes as well.