16 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 32

I like this picture for its sensuality. One of the highlights to my day is taking a shower...and I imagine taking a shower in a liquid other than water could be just as refreshing and erotic. There's a subliminal message in the picture, which I'm sure every one of you picked up. If the milk advisory board started using images such as this in their advertisements - rather than mootopia - I'm certain milk sales would skyrocket.

Today I'm off to the Huntington Library with my parents. We won't be visiting the actual gardens though; every year they have a plant sale which is a huge deal. The prices aren't exactly bargain basement but they're fairly reasonable. My approach this year is to look and not buy much. I'm sure I will have to fight the urge to buy yet another rose bush! I have bought a rose bush at this sale every year for the past four. Maybe five. It's because the growers are reputable and their offerings on the "not common variety" type. I've bought climbers, floribundas, and English roses at the Huntington and each has done fairly well in my yard.

And yes...it does seem I spend a lot of time with my parents. I'm not one of those gay men who moved thousands of miles away. I'm also not one of those gay men who have been accepted with open arms about my sexuality. But they're my parents and I feel roles are beginning to reverse where I need to take care of them. My sister can be a flake and my brother estranged himself from the family so that leaves me. As the "baby" of the family a lot of responsibility is placed on our shoulders.

I'll let you all know how the plant sale turned out. I'm taking my camera so I can take pictures of things I want but not buying. Whatever you do today, please....stop to smell the roses.


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SteveA said...

Good on you with your parents...hugz! xoxo!