29 May 2010

Saturday Behr Blather

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Memorial Day weekend.

I've been invited to a pool party; I decided not to go. First, I don't really know the hosts. We've exchanged messages on a bear social networking site and I met one half of the couple at the nearest bear/levi/leather bar back in October. Second, I'm not really supposed to be out in the sun; my blood pressure medication makes me overly susceptible to the sun. Yes there's sunblock but I've yet to find one that really protects me. The main reason I've decided not to go is that on the list of things to bring to the party, lube and condoms were listed. Now I'm not a prude. Sex is fun, and group sex can be a highly pleasurable event. But I like to know with whom I'm playing. And I know that if I went the sex part wouldn't be a requirement. But I'd just as soon not be in that awkward situation.

So that's my Saturday. BEHR HUGS!!


Wonder Man said...

I never been to a sex party, but I agree with you. I would want to know the host.

Anonymous said...

Yup. What he said.
It's kinda weird if you go to a party and even if the inevitable sex might happen... I'd want to at least know who's throwing the party... and if he has sensible taste in interiors. Nothing says "cold feet" like walking into a house where the stench (and hairs, and possible poop) of Lassie and Buddy permeates everything, and there's no order or style to the space within! Crate and Barrel, people... Crate and Barrel...

(OK---I got carried away in silly)

Hugs in return

SteveA said...

I guess it's what you're into - it sounds that you're beyond these things - either way - don't stress yourself!

CJ/Rick said...

Damn. I never. I never got an invitation to such. I'm pissed if they say bring a salad.lol I'm thinking...why are you having a dinner party and you want me to bring the damn salad? Good for you. You watch that BP.