25 May 2010

Behr Pick: Renato Machado

I thought it was high time I gave some equal time to a younger furball. This is Renato Machado from the Randy Blue folks. I find him really cute, handsome, adorable...and so doable.

I'm home *sick* today. I'm not, but I'm using sick time for a dental appointment and a medical appointment. I admit I'm bad about seeing the dentist and I'm a little overdue. The medical appointment is routine; it's an every 6 month check in with my internist.

Other than those two appointments, I'm hoping to get some minor chores done, like finally setting up my printer! If I find myself a bit bored I may post a couple more entries. What would you like to see or read?

Enjoy your Tuesday - BEHR HUGS!!


Stan said...

Nice pick that Renato is! Having some medical issues myself today. Just called cardiologist and now awaiting scripts to be filled at Walgreens. Getting old is a real bitch. Hope everything goes well for you. Enjoy the day off...you deserve it.

mistress maddie said...

He is cute!!! This weekend we went to Woof! a bear party here in philly with two bear friends we have, and we had a blast!!!!! My Boy-Toy was a wee neverous, but my first boyfriend was a bear, and were still best friends. And I'm here to tell ya, there was some very nice young furball there too!

Wonder Man said...

he is a cutie and doable