08 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 31

I'm a pushover for a picture like this that lets us witness the quiet intimacy between two men. And the black and white photography only adds to the sensuality.

As most of you are aware, today is Mother's Day. I know for some it's just another day and for others it is an opportunity to thank the woman who gave birth to us, raised us, loved us, and is one of our best friends. Many of us learned important life lessons from our mothers, both good and bad. So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

And to everyone else, enjoy your day and as always, BEHR HUGS!


CJ/Rick said...

Oh yeah Happy Mothers Day. I miss mine. One of the few people that ever really appreciated anything that I did for her. And I miss treating her well on this day.

I like the new mug shot!

SteveA said...

Have a great day as well!

Stan said...

I miss my Mom as well. Still have Dad (91) around but got along better with Mom. We could always talk about anything (especially Dad! LOL!).