25 May 2010


I just got home from the dentist. In addition to x-rays and cleaning, my dentist put some bonding on a molar at the gum line; every time I drank something there was pain. He bonded the same tooth about 10 years ago so I guess it was inevitable that it would wear off. I thought I was going to pass out from the procedure.

However, after all that I had to "swish" for a minute with fluoride. The last instructions were "no food, drink, or rinsing" for a half hour. It was all I could do to make it home before being sick. There's nothing in my stomach and that only made it worse. Now I remember why I only go to the dentist every 18-24 months!! BLEH!!!


mistress maddie said...

I don't mind the dentist myself, but if their is going to be a man putting things in my mouth, it damn well better be worth my while!!!

Wonder Man said...

I hate the dentist

SteveA said...

Yikes - well maybe you should get a hot dentist to make you go more often.

Mine is young (28); light blue eyes and Scottish. And he's a good friend - and so cute! Too bad he's married!

Stan said...

Who can afford a dentist? When I lived in Colubus Ohio a good friend of mine Dr. Mark was mine. It was great!