27 May 2010

Behr Pick: Fadi Cherry

You've seen him but may not know his name. It's Fadi Cherry, And he's as hot and delicious-looking as...well...cherry pie.

It's Thursday. Or as it's known among my friends at work, Graphic Thursday. Basically this means that anything goes in conversation....and usually does. Double entendres fly left and right and sometimes the conversation is just downright off-color. So much for being professional.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. If for no other reason we're expecting 80 degree sunny weather. Finally. What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?



SteveA said...

Hi - love that pic - that guy is gorgeous.

I've got a wedding on Saturday that I am looking forward to. Other than that - just yoga!

Cubby said...

I saw this pic of Fadi Cherry and of course I immediately had to start stalking him. So the first thing I did was Google his name. Guess what popped up almost at the top of the list? THIS BLOG POST!!!

Wonder Man said...

he is very sexy

Stan said...

He would sure heat my weekend up! No special plans. I will "remember to remember" all of the fallen on Monday and all weekend though.