15 August 2010

Sunday Favorite: 43

Jason Sokody...with his chest in its natural furry state...how could this not be a favorite?

I just love the way he's pulling his hoodie open, kind of like Clark Kent pulling open his suit to reveal the S logo underneath. Only we get furry goodness from Jason. He is so handsome and fit and unfortunately straight. *sigh*

Speaking of Jason Sokody...kind of...on the bear social networking site to which I belong, members can vote for "favorites" and there is a short list posted in a sidebar. Well...it's usually one or two of the same top vote getters. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that there was a new name so I clicked on the link to see if he was worthy of being "top bear." Imagine my surprise and momentary glee when I recognized Jason's face! And then I noticed the location of the person and his "real" name. So I left a message for him that said "Wow! You have a remarkable resemblance to Jason Sokody!" Within a couple of days the user name was off the list. I'm hoping whoever stole Jason's pictures and misrepresented got caught by the administrator or at least realized someone could report him.

The moral of the story is....we all want to be Jason Sokody....



Bear Me Out said...

Do I want to BE him, or just be with him? Hmmmmm

Wonder Man said...

he's a hottie