08 August 2010

Sunday Favorite: 42

I like this picture a lot...I find it incredibly erotic and sexual. It reminds me of the 1983 gay porn "A Few Good Men," which is one of the best pre-condom military fantasy films of that era. The opening sequence, in which the credits are shown, is of a young man getting his head buzzed into a military cut. As soon as the haircut is finished, an erect penis appears from off screen and...well you can imagine what happens. Not to be graphic or too self-exposing but I rarely lasted past the opening credits of that film.

Still have some stuff weighing on my mind. I appreciate the comments yesterday. In time it'll work itself out, for better or worse. It always does.

Today will be a short visit with my folks then off to a friend's for a small BBQ.

I hope the day is good to everyone. BEHR HUGS!!


Stan said...

I love that pic too! The fact that he's getting buzzed and that his head is right at the crotch of the buzzer.
I hear you about the pre-condom fantasy films of yesterday. Todays porn is getting to be so boring and cookie cutter filled with young hairless twinks. Granted there are a few exceptions.
Hope you had a good weekend. I'm still sweltering here. UGH!

Wonder Man said...

I wish I had a active social life like you