25 August 2010

SF Visit - Day 3

My final day in SF this last week was Saturday and it was a really nice day for me. It started out with sleeping in - natch! I can't recall the time I woke up but I just lounged for a little while. Then it was off to Starbucks to get breakfast: oatmeal, apple fritter, and venti triple vanilla latte. No foam. I took it back to the hotel, snagged a paper from the front desk, and just relaxed with the TV on. I think I watched a part of Night at the Museum 2.

After a while I decided how I was going to spend my day. I got up, showered, packed, and checked out of the hotel. Of course they held my bag for me. I walked to the Embarcadero where there was a farmer's market type event going on. At the end of Market street there were booths of arts and crafts, mostly jewelry. Across the tracks was the fruits and vegetables. I wandered over and through the booths and then through the building to the other side and wandered through the booths there: vegetables, fruit, cheeses, breads. The smells were wonderful combined with the sea air. I wandered around the building where I made a new friend, Mr. Gull. I tease. But it was fun playing with my camera.

I wandered through a bookshop and picked up Mark Abramson's "Snowman," the fourth book in his series about Tim Snow, the Castro, and various mysteries. Shortly after exiting the bookshop I plopped on another bench and just sat there enjoying the music of my iPod (Baba O'Reilly! Roundabout! Rhiannon!) and watching the boats and birds out on the bay.

I received a text from M; he'd just woke up. About this time I was exiting the Embarcadero and was taking pictures of four SFFD firemen trying to open a car. Evidently the owner, some woman, locked her baby inside. (And they worry about gays and lesbians raising children!!) M and I texted a little and it was determined that I didn't have a whole of time comparatively speaking and seeing each other probably wouldn't work out. I walked to 4th/Mission and had lunch at Mel's (a different one than I had been at with M). I had a tuna melt with fries and coffee. They were really busy so I sat at the counter. When I'm dining alone I prefer the counter.

Afterwards I walked back to my hotel, retrieved my bag, then headed to the airport via BART and AirBART. I had already printed my boarding pass at the hotel so it was just a matter of going through security. Unusually, I sailed through the ID check. I was slowed down slightly though with the security part; they've installed a body scanner! So it was kind of interesting although I didn't see my image.

The flight home was rather uneventful, except for the child that occasionally screamed. Yes, it was lovely.

So although there was no heavy drinking, wild sexual antics, or stoned moments....it was, for me, a very enjoyable day and trip. I wish there was a way for me to keep my job and move up there. I would in a heartbeat. I'm a bit tired of LA and its suburbs. But that complaint is to be saved for another post another day.

It's HUMP DAY! And that means I have two days left in the work week. Starting to get a little nervous about the surgery but I'll save that for another post as well.

Enjoy your day! BEHR HUGS!!

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Stan said...

Your not the only one who would move there in a heartbeat. There's something magical about SF that wants to pull you in and I don't even mean just the gay scene there either.