17 August 2010

Behr Pick: Jack in the Box Edition

I'm feeling as big as a house this morning. And trust me, it is not as pretty as Jeff, the featured hottie to the left. Love that smile. Love that belly. Grrrrr.

Last night I went to the pet supply store to pick up litter and food for Winston. On my way home, I had a craving for a vanilla shake. I decided I'd take "the long way home" and go through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box (not sure if everyone is familiar with JIB or not). I ordered a large vanilla shake and the Sampler Trio, which contains three deep fried mozzarella sticks, two egg rolls, and three stuffed jalapeno poppers. Now you may be thinking that's not so bad but according to their website, it's almost 1800 calories! And the sodium content alone is frightening.

I don't eat like this very often. Or I try not to. And I definitely don't usually look up the nutritional value of the meal. I don't need the guilt. Today I vow to eat better.



PAU said...

Thanks for checking anytime my blog, Behr... and I hope you´ve enjoyed that meal. I´ve been living in the states many years ago, and in miss that a lot.

Stan said...

Don't feel bad we all have our weakness's. I try to watch what I eat and I still can't lose any weight. I blame all the meds I'm on. I'm headed to looking like Jeff pretty soon.

David Dust said...

We don't have Jack in the Box around here - but that sampler thingy sounds like something I would totally order.


Wonder Man said...

it happens

Cubby said...

If you find yourself on the ledge again, call me. I've been there many times.