14 August 2010

Behr Pick: Saturday Fun

This is Kevin. He's in his late 40's. I'm not sure where he hails from or if he's single, available, partnered, or married. All I do know is I love this picture...aside from this hunky bear in the water...the sepia-tone, the light and shadow...the perky nipple just above the water line...woof.

Today is Saturday! I'm going to be doing some usual chores and errands. I need to pick up a cake for this afternoon. I'll be visiting my friends - a couple - who I met about five years ago online. I love these guys! We have the best conversations and the one is an absolutely fantastic cook. His partner is always getting me drunk. How can one go wrong? The "glue" of our friendship is movies. They own hundreds of 33mm films....films from the 30s, 40s, 50s...and now they have a Blu-Ray and possibly HD projector and a huge screen they pull down for movie nights. It's always great fun.

That's going to be my day. What did YOU do? Show the Behr some Love and leave a comment!



Cubby said...

"...an absolutely fantastic cook". I misread this the first time I read it :-)

PAU said...

HI Behr!
Great pic!! he is so handsome!!