24 August 2010

SF Visit - Day 2

Continuing with my SF adventures last week, Friday was a good day.

It started with my sleeping in a little bit later than I usually do. When I finally woke up, I turned on the TV and just lounged in bed. I finally dragged myself out of bet to get ready for the day. I went off to Starbucks for breakfast: oatmeal and coffee. I then returned to the hotel.

I finally decided to head off to the work location. It's a short walk. I conducted five one-on-one trainings that morning. About noon, I went off in search of something to eat. I landed at a Quiznos not too far from my hotel. I got the sandwich and drink to go and returned to my hotel room. I watched TV and ate and basically dreaded going back to work. I called my contact to see how many others needed training; she didn't answer. So I walked back to the building. When I walked onto the floor from the elevator, my contact greeted me and informed me I was done! We chatted a bit and then I left.

On my way to the hotel I received a text from M telling me he had a quick errand in the East Bay but should be back in less than an hour. I texted him back and said I was free the rest of the day. Without going through a text-by-text recap, I'll just say that in a little over an hour there was a knock on my hotel door. If you've ever experienced this sound you know how wonderful it is.

For the next hour and a half, M and I cuddled. Now before anyone says or thinks anything derogatory, that is precisely all we did. Yes, we removed our shirts, mainly because M sweats because he is a true bear: furry all over. He truly is my physical type: buzzed head short, a full thick beard, a little paunch, and lots of body fur. And he's the nicest, sweetest guy. So we cuddled and talked. Definitely the best part of my trip.

Unfortunately he had to leave to go home, get his work clothes on, and get to work. It took a lot of strength to not keep him longer. But I know he has responsibilities and I don't want to be the one who makes him take a misstep and lose his job.

After M left, I watched TV and dozed. Ok, I fell asleep. When I woke up it was about 7pm! I got up, got dressed again, and took off for dinner. I walked over to California St. and caught the cable car to Polk Street (see the accompanying picture). If you have never visited SF or never ridden a cable car, you have to do it at least once for the experience. I enjoy the California St line because it goes up the hill and past Grace Cathedral. One of these days I'm going to jump off and step inside; I am told it's beautiful inside. Anyway, when I got off at Polk, I walked a couple blocks to Pine St up to Grubstake.

If you're not familiar with this place, it's a small restaurant that's Portuguese and American food. Part of the restaurant is made from an old cable car. It's actually very charming, kind of off the beaten path, popular with locals and tourists, and good down home type food. I had the Shepherd's Pie special and coffee. It tasted homemade, which is always a favorable quality with me. The proprietor is a wonderful man and his Latin coworker quite the cutie. As a point of reference, I'm told that back in the day when International Bear Rendezvous was held at the Van Ness/Pine Holiday Inn, Grubstake was a favorite hangout of the bears. M actually took me there on a previous trip. It's not fancy and some may think "Eww" in terms of decor and atmosphere but I like it there because I'm always treated like a local not a yokel.

After dinner I decided to walk Polk St. to the Civic Center BART and return to the hotel that way. The cable car ride is $5 for one trip; BART is $1.75 to get me back to where I want to go. The walk is probably roughly 1 1/2 miles maybe more. I returned to the hotel where I watched TV before finally turning in about midnight.

That probably wasn't as exciting as you were expecting but I got to spend time - good quality cuddle time! with M. I had a ride on the cable car, a nice evening walk, and some good "me" time in the hotel. It was wonderfully perfect for this behr. If I could, I would move to SF. I know I see it through "visitor's eyes" but I think it has to be one of the most diverse, colorful, exciting cities I've ever visited.

Tomorrow I'll wrap up my trip with Saturday's happenings. BEHR HUGS!!


SteveA said...

I love SF - it's one of my fave p;aces and the food is so good!I might be back in November but I;ll see. Glad you met M! Enjoy your day!

Stan said...

Sounds like a great time. SF is a great city!

Wonder Man said...

Glad M was there to smooth out the day