18 August 2010

Behr Pick: Muscled Fur

Can you believe it's ONLY Hump Day? It's been such a long week already. And it's going to only get longer. Today's featured muscle bear certainly takes the sting out of the situation, eh?

It's warmed up here, more like summer. It's a bit disconcerting though because it should have been hot like this two months ago. I hate how the weather is all wonky. To make matters worse, I leave on Thursday morning for San Francisco and the prediction there is low 60's as a high. From the fire into the cool. Oh and yes it's a work trip.

I will try to set up my posts for when I'm in SF; I don't plan to take my laptop. I'm traveling light this trip. Or as light as possible since I tend to over pack!

That's all I have for now. Enjoy your Hump Day! BEHR HUGS!!


Stan said...

Oh man, how could a trip to San Francisco be work only? Still however I would love to be there.

Wonder Man said...

have fun, but take pics of the wild times