29 July 2010

Today is the Day

Today is the day I see the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist and will find out if it's a cyst, tumor, or alien nesting in my head. I really think it's going to be a "non-event" meaning it is going to turn out to be a minor condition. I'm relying on the attending physician who says the specialist should be able to take care of it without surgery. I'm really not that worried.

I'm also seeing the ophthalmologist in the afternoon since it's been about three years and I'm fairly certain my eyes have changed. And not for the better. It's never for the better, is it? If my prescription has changed I'm hoping to get new lenses and keep my cool Prada frames. I also want to get a spare pair of glasses. I only have the one pair plus prescription sunglasses. A second pair would ease mind about accidentally damaging my Prada pair.

So what all this means is I'm not going to work and could sleep in. Oh how I wish I could have awakened next to this absolutely gorgeous man, Zied. Although not furry he's a beefy hunk and my word! look at those pectorals! He's just waiting for a tongue bath! I would happily oblige.

Yesterday I had a nice little incident happen. I was walking toward the Red Line - it's the Los Angeles underground light rail - and was waiting for the light to change at an intersection. Some guy walked up next to me and I really didn't think anything about it. Through my peripheral vision I noticed he turned toward me. Since I was listening to my iPod, I heard muffled sound so I pulled out the one earphone and said "I'm sorry?" He said "It's awfully cool for summer." I responded in agreement, saying something about it almost being August and we have yet to have summer weather. He smiled and then the light changed and off we went. We weren't exactly in step but he also was going down into the subway system. He veered off toward another line and that was that. I just was kind of taken aback that a total stranger - make that a CUTE total stranger - would speak to me about something as innocuous as the weather, especially since I was listening to myiPod. The only explanation I can offer is that he saw the NOH8 button on my backpack and he wanted to speak to me.

I'll post an update later today or perhaps tomorrow morning on the two appointments. Wish me luck - I'd really hate for it to be an alien nesting in my head. BEHR HUGS!!


Cubby said...

Maybe that stranger was an out-of-towner.
Good luck with the doc.

Marc said...

Wishing you well with the medicals. And love the incident story.

Stan said...

Good luck at the docs. If you want HOT and unbelievably HUMID weather, come east young man! I'm dying up in here! (with no A/C)

Mark in DE said...

Hope your appts went well today, and that there is no alien nesting in your head.

Yes, despite his smoothness, this man is god-like!

CJ/Rick said...

Why would you want to wake up nxt to him? That would be like winning the lottery. It would screw your life up.
Hope all went well with the doctors. Those aliens can be a real pain.
The opticians where I go really frown on keeping the old frames. They ALWAYS want to sell me new frames.