19 July 2010

Behr Pick: CzAr

Found this handsome man on a social networking site...since I'm not a "friend" there's not a lot of information I can garner from his profile. I know he lives in Barcelona, Spain. That's about it. But just look at that face though....don't really need to know anything else.

Sunday was good; spent it with my folks and did a little more grocery shopping. Made spaghetti for dinner despite the hot weather. It wasn't as scorching as Saturday but still pretty warm.

And now we're back to Monday and the usual routine. I think it's going to be a fairly quiet work week. I hope you all have a good Monday.



PAU said...

Definitively we have in Spain good stuff!!
So handsome!!

Stan said...

Spain sure has lots of hot men! This guy proves it again.

David Dust said...

OMG!!! Hola, Papi!!


SteveA said...

He is muy bonito! I love that goatie! Enjoy your week!

Wonder Man said...

he is hot. Hope you have a good week