07 July 2010

Behr Pick: Black and White Hump Day

Can you believe it's Hump Day already?! Woo hoo! I really like these short weeks. And when one can gaze upon the backside of a muscular tattooed hunk it only makes it better.

While the East Coast is suffering through a heat wave, we here in So Cal experienced cool temps, overcast skies, and the heaviest mist you'd ever care to see. I actually think it was rain because everything was wet for several hours this morning.It seems everyone is experiencing unusual weather patterns this season. I'm not exactly complaining though; as I get older it seems I have less tolerance for the heat, especially when humidity is involved. So the cooler weather, although a bit offbeat for July, is welcomed.

Enjoy your Hump Day! BEHR HUGS!!


Wonder Man said...

nice hump

Michael Rivers said...

Very nice butt!! Perfect for Hump Day! Hope your week is going well!