17 July 2010

Behr Pick: Saturday Splash!

Southern California has been hit with a real summer - finally! Average temps will be in the upper 90s to low 100s throughout the southland. It seems when I was a kid we often had triple digit temperatures....but for many years it seemed we never got much beyond mid-90s. Anyway, we're all being warned about restricted activity, drinking lots of water, wearing light-colored clothing (hence my navy blue ensemble, lol), and being mindful of the elderly, the young, and our pets. Today's pick is exactly what I want to do....throw water on some gorgeous hunk then lick him dry!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on Friday's post. I cannot tell you how loved I feel that you all support me and give me advice and guidance. I literally want to hug each and every one of you!

I was a little sad that I'm not going to attend what will undoubtedly be a fun and refreshing time. I've gotten over that though. It's nearing the noon hour here and I've accomplished quite a bit already this morning. I still have things to do (grocery shopping, ironing, and considering giving Winston a bath) and that will keep me busy. I have a couple of Netflix movies to watch (Valley of the Dolls, Valentine's Day) and I still need to set up my printer. I should also put the small a/c back in the bedroom window! So the day is full and I'm not that sad any more.

Have a wonderful weekend and BEHR HUGS to each and every one of you!!

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Stan said...

We've had high temps and very, very high humidity here back east for some time now. It's been as much as 103 in the house during the day. I don't have A/C either. Couldn't afford to run it if I had. Been escaping to malls and the neighbors. I'm so ready for fall!