06 July 2010

Behr Pick: Dave

Is anyone else experiencing funky things with Blogger? Last night I saw I had two unmoderated comments so I clicked on the link and got a blank page saying there were no unmoderated comments. So I clicked over to gmail and sure enough, there are two emails reflecting two comments to two different posts. I opened them, read them, smiled, and clicked Publish this comment and received a specific error message.

Did you know that the only place to report problems is an open forum? There were several other comments about the same experience. So I guess I'll wait it out.

So hey V - sorry about your comments; yours were the ones affected by the blather above. Thanks for your continued support!

Today's pick came from a social networking site, I believe. His name is Dave and he's purty!



Marc said...

Dave is purty...would love to have him hang in our house. :)

I got two nice comments from V also, with the same issue (non-existence). Just in case something funky was going on took a moment to send a quick thanks to him.

David Dust said...

Yeah, my comments were wonky for a while, but they seem to be better now. In the past, Blogger usually fixes the problem within a day or so.

All your comments should eventually come back.


Wonder Man said...

no worries, it happened to me too