24 July 2010

Saturday Stud & Health Update

This man is so beautiful. I wish I knew more about him other than what's apparent to the eye. Furry, muscular, tattooed, handsome, woofy....I must be feeling better because all sorts of naughty thoughts are going through my head!

So yesterday I stayed home from work in order to see the doctor about the sharp pains in my head. Doctor M, my regular doctor, wasn't available so I so Doctor D. I guess the world of medicine has changed drastically since the last time I had an immediate medical issue. My former GP would have looked in my nose, throat, ears, eyes and made a diagnosis based on what he saw coupled with my explanation of what I'm experiencing. Not so with Dr. D. He did check my eyes but that's about all. He asked me a lot of questions like whether I saw double vision and if I could touch his finger with my finger then touch my nose (I told him I wasn't drunk). He then ordered x-rays of my sinus cavities and a CT scan of my head. He claimed it was sinusitis but I guess he wanted to rule out a brain tumor or an alien nesting in my head. So I had both done yesterday. I wish I could tell you it went smoothly but it did not. However...of the technicians I met, all three were male and all three were c-u-t-e. Why is it we meet cute guys when we feel like crap?

As per the doctor's instructions, I called his office to find out the results of these procedures. As it turns out, I have no brain bleeding or swelling, a good thing. However, my sinuses are inflamed (DUH!) and - here's the kicker - he thinks there's a cyst in one of my sinus cavities. This would explain the frequent headaches and pain. He has referred me to an ENT for further treatment. Of course, it was after 5 pm so I'll have to call on Monday. In the meantime, I am to take Tylenol for the pain. That's fine and dandy except I had already mentioned that Tylenol didn't touch the pain!

This morning I'm feeling better. The pain only occurs occasionally but I'm sure as the day goes on it'll get worse. So I guess after all there IS something growing in me head although not as exciting as a tumor or alien.

I plan to do some chores around the house, watch movies, and pretty much just take it easy. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! BEHR HUGS!!


Cubby said...

I think you and I lust over exactly the same types of men.

Sorry about your cyst, but the good news is at least it was found and now something can be done about it.

David Dust said...

Oh that SUCKS that you didn't at least get some good painkillers out of the deal.

Feel better.


SteveA said...

Taking it easy is probably the best prognosis! That pic of that guy is driving me crazy!

Will said...

Do take care of yourself, and I hope this can be made to pass very fast.

I always need cute boys in my life but whenever I've had a medical emergency, I've always been glad to have the boys on staff be cute and sweet and attentive to the bearded, tattooed gay guy with the pain! :-)

On the other hand, that guy in the picture is true garden of earthly delights!

Howard said...

Behr, take care of yourself! Make the follow-up appointment. My sinuses have been outta control for the last month or so, so I understand...

CJ/Rick said...

Oh man I hope all goes well. I NEVER got any help from Tylenol for anything. I get more out of M&Ms than that stuff. Keep me posted.