13 July 2010

Behr Pick: Tattoo Tuesday

Open letter to this featured hot tattooed guy:

I don't know your name. But I am totally in lust with you. I might be in love with you. Look how adorably cute you are: with that scruff-covered face, those dark passionate eyes, that cute little soul patch. And that tattoo is wicked hot...the way it curves down from your shoulder over your fur-covered pec to just above your nipple...your nipple that is begging to be licked, sucked, bitten. And damn! I can tell you have great abs, just ready to feel my tongue. I can only imagine the perfection below your waist based on your perfection above it. Now before you think I'm just some horny fat white guy let me tell you I can see in your eyes you're a great guy...fun, playful, yet can be serious, loyal and intelligent. I suspect you have a uncommonly great sense of humor. You're the total package: looks, sex appeal, and all those great personality characteristics that set you apart from most men. So Can you blame me for wanting to please you, do for you, love you for life?
There will be time enough to learn your name and how you like your sandwiches and martinis. So please - whoever you are - marry me!



David Dust said...

Wow - he is HOT!!

Michael Rivers said...

If he has a twin, send him my way!