10 July 2010

Sunday Favorite: 38

If there's one thing I cannot stand it's having a cold and not being able to fall asleep. It started on Friday, I wasn't feeling 100% and just knew where it was going. I started taking Zicam - yeah I know people claim you lose your sense of smell - but I've had hit or miss results with it. Sometimes it helps shorten the life of the cold sometimes not. Throughout yesterday it worsened and that's where I am on this Sunday at 2:00 am....in bed trying to sleep, my face hurting and being congested. Fun.

Germany scores! I happened to catch the last bit of the World Cup match yesterday that determined the third (and fourth) place overall winner. It was interesting to watch since I don't know that much about the game of football/soccer. Still, I found myself getting caught up in the excitement.

And my god are those vuvuzelas annoying or what?!



Cubby said...

The vuvuzelas are annoying beyond all imagination. Anyone who blows one should be tried for crimes against humanity.

I'm rooting for Spain in today's final game. Maybe I'll even watch a bit of it.

Stan said...

I was hoping Germany would win. I'm going to watch the final this afternoon. Love soccer. I like the sportsmanship, hugging, kissing, handshaking and especially the taking off of their shirts at the end of the game. I far cry from American macho bullshit $$$$ sports.
I hope your cold gets better. Oy Vey! Have some chicken soup already!

Marc said...

I'm hoping that the Vuvuzela's remain a South African phenomenon and don't travel to the next world cup in Brazil

Wonder Man said...

I hope you get better

mistress maddie said...

Sorry to hear you have a cold. I hope you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a summer cold! And the World Cup is soccer! Why did I think it had to do with a male jock strap contest!