18 July 2010

Sunday Favorite: 39

This was so me this morning. Well except for the rock hard abs, muscular body, tattoo, and handsome face. I don't think I'm that tan either. Nevertheless, Winston had a terrible time trying to wake me up. I admit though that being awakened by purring and head butts is not an unpleasant experience.

It's already 70-something inside the house.

I heard from one of yesterday's pool party attendees that I was missed. Hmmm.

As per my modus operandi I'm off to see the parental units. It's been a couple of weeks although I have talked to my mom several times this week. I'm also going to stop and see my sister to drop off something she asked me to pick up at the big box warehouse.

Not much else going on. BEHR HUGS!


Stan said...

I get those head butts and annoying meows too from my cat Amata. I don't know what she wants each morning carrying on like that but when I get up she stops and disappears. Go figure!
Have a good visit with the folks. BTW: It's 86 degrees in here and it's not even noon yet! UGH!

Wonder Man said...

my cats just meow until one of us wakes up

RAD said...

very yummy!!!